Technology — Learning English TV. Part 2

Видео-репортажи с английскими субтитрами о современных технологиях и их применении в жизни.

Четкое и внятное произношение профессиональных дикторов отлично подходят для занятий по аудированию.

Продолжительность ролика около трех минут.

К каждому видеоролику приложены английский текст и русский перевод.

Раздел содержит следующие видео-уроки для аудирования:

  1. Dogs understand how you feel
  2. Johannesburg leads Africa in tweets
  3. Technology brings new life to old paintings
  4. Google glass is a computer you wear
  5. Safe rooms can safe lives when tornadoes strike
  6. Vietnam censorship order raises concerns
  7. Сhina builds fastest supercomputer
  8. Intel offers a look into the future
  9. Designers show cars of the future at the Geneva auto show
  10. Computer modeling assists investigations of drone strikes
  11. Three dimensional printing raises copyright concerns
  12. Vehicles may soon be talking to each other
  13. The 50th anniversary of the language that changed the world
  14. Robots can do dirty dangerous jobs
  15. Ugandan women make progress in technology
  16. Hollywood visual effects come from around the world
  17. US scientists create first two dimensional transistor
  18. A solar airplane may soon circle the globe
  19. Music industry builds support through technology
  20. Mobile games are becoming a billion dollar industry
  21. Production of a famous Indian car ends
  22. Taiwan shows off smart watches glasses at a technology exhibition