Technology — Learning English TV. Part 1

Видео-репортажи с английскими субтитрами о современных технологиях и их применении в жизни.

Четкое и внятное произношение профессиональных дикторов отлично подходят для занятий по аудированию.

Продолжительность ролика около трех минут.

К каждому видеоролику приложены английский текст и русский перевод.

Раздел содержит следующие видео-уроки для аудирования:

  1. Facebook and Google Buy Two India-based Start-Up Companies
  2. North Korean Cyber Attacks Come from China
  3. New York City Invests Heavily In Biotech Development
  4. How a Robotic Suit Helped a Man Walk
  5. Some Textile Companies Use More Technology, Fewer Workers
  6. Students Race Solar Cars in South Africa
  7. Wearable and Interactive Technology Star at Consumer Electronics Show
  8. A Smartphone App Could Help Pregnant Women in Uganda
  9. Where Is the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant? California
  10. Drones Raise Hopes and Questions in Africa
  11. Brain-controlled devices could help paralyzed patients
  12. Activists call for an international ban on killer robots
  13. Malware attacs delaying Vietnam’s digital dreams
  14. Burma’s government goes digital
  15. Bitcoin grows as a widely accepted virtual currency
  16. New radar tool helps rescuers see through wreckage
  17. Uganda hopes to become a market for outsourcing
  18. License plate technology raises privacy concerns
  19. Japanese Power Company Prepares to Clean Up Fukushima Nuclear Plant
  20. Supercomputers enable better weather prediction
  21. Robots are becoming more human
  22. Africa is the worlds fastest growing mobile market